This 21st conference on climate change will gather 20,000 official and observers from all over the world.

It should lead to the adoption of a universal binding agreement to maintain global temperature warming on earth below 2, and adapt our societies to the existing disruptions.

Following the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012 in Rio, where IDNP actively participated by starting the project "Tomorrow earth, youth is speaking" (Demain la terre, la jeunesse prend la parole), giving a voice and learning from the point of views of youth from all continents. To federate this huge laboratory for ideas, INDP created the association "Other Climates" (Autres Climats) in 2015.

Its goal: raise awareness and mobilise citizens al over the world.

Augustin Brutus Jaykumar will speak at the Grand Palais on 5 December from 18h to 18h50.

It is urgent to act now... in order to preserve our world!