Values & Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Following the principles of our charter, INDP's action centers on a holistic approach to development, strong ethics, and independance.

"Economics as a moral science: we must develop a conception of social ethics whereby individual freedom represents both the essential value according to which we evaluate society and the product of our social organisation"

A. Sen, indian economist

Holistic development

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Holistic development is the most humane, natural, stable and balanced way of working together with the populations, to help them see their inner talents and gain self-confidence.

Strong ethics

"This is about making development Ethical. This label underlines our concern for dignity, justice, equality; it will be the bedrock of economic prosperity"

In other words, we believe the term development must only be used to refer to socially and environmentally conscious growth, to win-win solutions in the social, environmental and economic fields.

Independence and transparency

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Auto financing means independence and it has always been a priority for INDP. A large part of our funds comes from the sale of services and books from our "Interculture" collection, offering a large selection on Indian culture available to anyone.

We have a duty of transparency at all levels, towards populations and all of our partners, to collaborate together with trust and mutual respect, in order to be be more efficient on the field.

"INDP's anchor points on the field focus on raising awareness, holistic development and culture"

Populations as partners

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Getting rid of the separation between the one who receives and the one who gives, to establish a warm human relationship revolving around listening and respect. 

Offer an alternative: to look at "help to the poorest" in a different way, show partners and volunteers how the possibilities are endless in terms of reciprocity and human adventure to allow them to apprehend globally and 'humanly' suffering populations populations.

Raising awareness

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Raising awareness of populations as well as officials, partners and volunteers. Make populations aware of their assets, skills and values to help them gain self confidence, dignity and the will to go forward!