3 key areas

Our 3 key focus areas are education, culture and the environment. Our values and our philosophy define all the projects we undertake in these key areas.

  • Improve life conditions of weakened populations in India and the world
  • Promote and guarantee access to education for the most vulnerable populations
  • Get involved in rural economy projects and train populations on biological agriculture
  • Promote the development of cultural activities
  • Set up targeted training to help populations gain autonomy
  • Create tailored projects that can become benchmarks

Believing knowledge is the foundation of peace, it is about using knowledge to find meaning in our life. This is why our actions focus primarily on the promotion of culture, formal and non-formal education.

Extract from INDP Charter


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The right to education for everyone was declared in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights… But the reality in India is more complex !

Education is our core battle, it is at the heart of every action, yet, in India, illiteracy remains very present and it has many heavy consequences. It affects the daily life of populations, but it has a wider impact on society and the economy as a whole.


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Cultural identity, cultural plurality, the right to differentiation are values at the foundation of development. INDP welcomes foreign groups, university interns, social workers to collaborate on these specific themes and work on the concept of inter-culturalituy.

All the projects we implement focus on culture, artistic expression, singing, theatre and danse.

Inter-culturality also entails the promotion of a sustainable development that integrates cultural identity and plurality. Measuring development is not only about improving material life conditions, we think of development as based on everyone's cultural roots.

Extract from INDP Charter

The environment

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INDP has been fighting for years to make everyone (populations, local partners, funders) understand that investing in the environment is investing in the future.

Supporting rural population in the sustainable exploitation and protection of their environment, by providing financial and technical support and accompanying local partners in their projects.

The goal: Working in partnership with local organizations to set up viable economic activities and ensure populations lifelong incomes and a preserved environment.