In details

INDP creates and publishes numerous books in our collection "Inter-culture"

We offer a large selection of books, stories, children books on Indian and so many other technical or  pedagogical books, to open your mind to other worlds, lives, culture, to travel at low expenses.

Exchanging and changing

10 social workers are transformed after the "Indo-European 2000 meeting". Here are their testimonies, a reflexion on solidarity and interculturality.

India, both ways

Voice of the Dalits. Read to understand the caste system and meet untouchables.


The story of a man, Anbajagan, humble auto-rickshaw driver, and his family trying to establish their life in Chennai. This is a fiction but the content is derived from interviews, testimonies, research on the ground. This book offers an overview of the issues India is facing nowadays, while presenting real dreams, concerns and actions of indian citizens.