Augustin Jaykumar Brutus

The story begins with a man: Augustin Jaykumar Brutus, social entrepreneur, Franco-Indian born in Pondicherry, at a young age, Augustin becomes very aware of the misery surrounding him.

He moves to France to study and works at the Asia division of the NGO « Terre des Hommes » for 4 years before returning to India. Touched by this intense experience and enriched by his dual culture, he deepens his social commitment and creates two independent NGOs in 1989: « Adecom network » in India and « Réseau Adecom » in France. in 1999 he decides to step down from the management of these two NGOs and founds INDP, in the continuity of these 2 past experiences, and expanding their field of action.

Being close to extreme poverty and injustice against the very poor was the main trigger of my desire to set up mutual aid programmes

Augustin Jaykumar Brutus
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By relentlessly questioning the appropriateness of any action, without label and fully independent, I reshaped the various steps of development projects, going beyond charitable spirit to raise awareness. These new positive voices born from this approach orientate my choices of focus and responsibility in the social world.

My commitment to marginalized populations opens my eyes to their know-how, their skills, their hope, their courage and their will to pull through.

This proximity triggered in a me a constant questioning of the meaning and goal of my actions, a quest for the beautiful, the fair and true, an aspiration to balance and coherence. Absent of a spirit of sacrifice, I live as an immense privilege to initiate, show and undertake freely.

Strong thoughts and actions based on exchange

In my functions in European and Indian NGOs, I was always concerned by the general approach to development, the long term vision, the durability and financial independence of projects and populations, the theory and practice, and finally, what history teaches us on social improvements of marginalized populations.

Tired of trying to persuade my cautious employers of these concepts I see as both fundamental and realistic, I decided to experiment my own ideas and create an independent NGO: INDP, Intercultural Network for Development and Peace.

Augustin Jaykumar Brutus

Augustin worked on different continents, in Africa (Senegal) and in Asia, these experiences in collaboration with other populations have reinforced his vision, giving him a significant acuity on efficient methodologies to truly work in partnership with populations.