The Association INDP France

INDP France is the French branch of INDP India. It is a non-profit organisation (association loi 1901) driven by volunteers who are committed to supporting and helping marginalized population. 

"He who is different from me does not impoverish me - he enriches me."

A. De Saint Exupery

"We are helping children understand India, through games, they become aware of a whole social system."

The French association wishes to meet and exchange with Indian populations. Our goal is to work in collaboration with other on-site NGOs, to organize actions that will eventually help them become auto financed.

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INDP's goals are the following: to facilitate French-Indian interculturality through tangible action, to support a South-North dialogue and balance, as well as to encourage Southern NGOs auto financing. 

Finally, our goal is to be a "vital connection" between all partners, internal and volunteering media, by committing to guide them, train them and support them in all of their initiatives. INDP France offers training courses, conferences, exhibitions to raise public awareness of the difficulties faced by the Indian population. We also organise educational animations in schools, exhibitions for the wider public or within solidarity events and trips to India for school groups, students or companies.

INDP also partnered with the general council of Côtes-d'Armor, among others, to rebuild a village of 170,640 inhabitants located on the border of the Karaikal dump.

INDP France & INDP India, a close collaboration

Together, our goal is to:

Follow-up on our projects on the field both in India and in France, focusing on training for development (training our interns before going to India, organizing workshops on India…).

Define common communication strategies to inform people of the actual living conditions in India, and the realities the populations we support face, as well as the themes we focus on (microcredit, sustainable development, sociocultural and economic rights of marginalized populations).

Define the pedagogical needs and develop them with pragmatic information gathered on the field. 

Fundraise for our projects. 

Take care of our French trainees in India.

INDP France specifically:

  • Is in constant contact with INDP India
  • Provides support to volunteers going to India, organises training/information courses and exchanges
  • Raises awareness and informs the public who is the target of international solidarity
  • Facilitates and participates in the realisation and the follow-up of initiatives funded by French partners
  • Introduces, supports and promotes initiatives backed by funding partners
  • Goes on field missions to witness undergoing projects and assess results
  • Provides images and content to partners and their internal media
  • Distributes the work of the "Inter-cultures" collection

INDP France, an essential ally

INDP France is also in charge of INDP communication to media and partners. As such it is an essential ally in terms of communication and exchange.