A complex and surprising country !

India is a country with many faces, extremely diverse in terms of ethnicity, language and religion. India is intriguing, fascinating, challenging, and it can leave no one indifferent.

India, a young country

India now has 1,26 billion inhabitants. It is a young country, with about half of its population under 25, India can draw in this well of "youth" to further develop, it is a country filled with hopes.

If issues of castes, discrimination of women, ethnic and religious conflicts are still a reality, the hope that young generations place in their nation is immense. 

Everything remains yet to be built and the will to be a part of the world is very real.

Où intervient INDP?

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Le Tamil Nadu se situe au Sud Est de l’Inde, face au golfe du Bengale, c'est un État de l'Inde du Sud. Il compte environ 72 millions d'habitants pour un peu plus de 130 000 kilomètres carrés. La densité moyenne est forte, mais la croissance démographique est inférieure à la moyenne indienne.Ce fut une région très fortement touchée par le Tsunami en décembre 2004

India in 3 contexts

In order to better apprehend this surprising country, let us introduce 3 specific contexts of India: the social, political and economic contexts.

A country where traditions still predominate

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Important progress has been made, particularly in terms of access to education for untouchables and members of low castes. Yet, the castes and family dynasties system is still in place and it remains the major obstacle to social mobility.

A federal republic and the biggest democracy in the world


India is a parliamentary democracy, inspired from the British system. It is a federal republic comprising 29 states and 7 territories, After China, India is the world's most populated country...

An emerging country reclaiming its place in the global economy


In the early 1990s, India began implementing a wide set of economic reforms, liberalising and opening entire branches of its economy. New sectors of activity are emerging and the country experiences a steady economic growth since 2000.