An Innovative Approach

Rethinking each step of a project, to go beyond simple charity towards awareness. We help building projects tailored to the needs of beneficiaries, by involving them from the construction phase of each project.

INDP wants to be a breeding ground for learning: first experimenting local actions that can be reproduced on a larger scale

The idea is that all men and women need to have similar support and help (education, training, awareness, micro-credit…) in order to break away from isolation and get out of extreme poverty.

A cultural aspect must also be instilled in each project to strengthen social ties with populations and gain trust.

Projects with a wide scope


Technical aspects are confronted with other implications such as human, social, economic, cultural, political… All the dimensions that make up a human life are taken into account.


Proposing, realising and developing projects that can be modeled, that are green and fully integrated to the reality on the ground in each country. Each project is conceived to be adaptable to all types of distressed population.

One of INDP's fundamental goal is to ensure projects are sustainable and autonomous over the long term.

Networking and Partnerships

The more we are, the stronger we stand

Nic Cornet  2075

Departing from the dynamic of assistantship, and with evolving development approaches, the concept of partnership was born. All our actions are created by relying on the population's NEEDS, in collaboration with communities and local institutions, and in PARTNERSHIP with local and international development stakeholders.