If you subscribe to INDP spirit and values and want to participate and support us, everything is possible!

Whether you want to go on mission abroad, dedicate your professional life to international solidarity, or become a partner, INDP is here to help and guide you.

"A true journey doesn't consist in looking for new landscapes, it lies in acquiring new eyes"

Marcel Proust

"Partners" in the broadest sense

No money, but talent and ideas, INDP encourages sharing skills!

Participate in our actions by sharing your skills, enriching our know-how, enlarging our documentation, taking part in the elaboration of projects...

Suggest new intercultural projects to set up with various partners (example of a photograph who will be associated to a project, a university, a research, a book... a dancer who will organise workshops....)

Participate by spreading the INDP action at your level.

Always favour dialogue, encounters and exchange!

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From the beginning, INDP intervenes on the ground with local partner associations, sometimes with local authorities so our actions can be taken over by public authorities. Our partners are also the beneficiary populations who are very active and can participate by for instance preparing a meal that will contribute to federate the group and thank participants. At every level we see a constructive synergy that is positive for everyone!

"funder" but not only

"This principle of reciprocity breaks the power balance that presided in financial donation"

Whether you are a company, an institution, a local council... INDP wants to share and collaborate with reciprocity, establishing a relationship of trust and sharing.

Whether you want to:

  • Fund new projects
  • Support existing projects
  • Initiate future projects

INDP invites you to take part in the elaboration and the implementation of our action, your contribution to the project is not just financial! Each partner is part of the project he leads. INDP offers the opportunity to meet the populations and get local knowledge...

Become a volunteer

Always contribute to projects, by implicating local populations

Want to join our association? Share the time you have, for as long as you wish to? Go on mission as an intern and share your skills with the most vulnerable, with INDP become a "Meaning sharer", give meaning to your action by collaborating on specific thoughtful, and lasting projects.

Louise De Battista – 23 ans – Student at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie AgroParisTech:

Supporting social entrepreneurship, accompanying project actors who want to take part in the ecological transition by creating environmentally friendly and economically viable activities, strengthening social links.