Broad ranging programmes

Our programmes aim to accompany populations on the path to their autonomy. Illiteracy, unhealthy housing, social exclusion, lack of knowledge in terms of health, the list goes on...

We also work in network and partnerships with institutions like the HERMES Foundation (Fondation d'entrprises HERMES), Adeo Group (Leroy Merlin group), the Poitou Charente region… and so many others who have been trusting and supporting us for some years now.

As close to the people as possible

INDP trains people according to their specific daily life needs 

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Training and education are the key tools used by INDP for marginalized population but also local stakeholders, partners, volunteers… Everyone at some point will feel the need to learn... 

The global objective of our training courses is to give citizens the keys necessary for them to knowingly, freely and with dignity chose the development path they wish, without endangering their co-citizens or the environment. 

  • Training and information supporting a sustainable rural and agricultural development, through environmentally friendly practices
  • Training course on hygiene measures
  • School education for children
  • Women training on microcredit
  • Training, awareness-raising, holistic development, literacy
  • Training and education on the environment

INDP education initiatives: 

The Mounjar eco-farm, the Kalangium training center, Green Clubs...

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Sanitary programme in Barbour, sanitary facilities, waste management programmes for the Narikuravar people (gipsy community).

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Medicinal gardens, biological agriculture, vegetable garden for the tribal Irular people, reforestation, cow breeding, dairy programmes, goat breeding.

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Plastic recycling, vermiculture, Mounjar dairy and eco-farm, ethical micro-tourism.

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The following housing programmes were set up:

  • Housing programme for the Irula of Kothimangalam (tribal people)
  • Housing programme for the Narikuravars (gipsy community)

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Developing a microcredit system for women through the BRWD enables women to set up their own micro company and gain more autonomy. As former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said: "Microfinance has proved its value, as a powerful weapon against poverty and hunger".

Indeed, it can truly change these women's life by improving it considerably.

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Founded in 2002, the theatre company VIGIE regularly gives theatrical performances in the Marakanam region, bringing back to life the authentic folk art of street theatre, this company of both amateurs and professionals performs in villages and schools

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This project focuses on the 2000 students of the Vepperi school and the 800 students of the Nagar school, which are both located in the Marakanam region. Following the request of public governmental schools, INDP installed water purifiers providing students and teachers with drinkable water.  

A sewage treatment plant was also installed, to water plants and vegetable gardens. INDP also undertook renovation works in those schools. In that way, students and teachers also take part in environmental, health, hygiene advocacy work within their schools.


The Kollom book Programme, the Conference on decentralised cooperation in Delhi, post flooding assistance, dewatering grounds...